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Looking for a custom engagement ring, or another piece of jewelry you just can’t find anywhere else? We can create something unique for you!

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I am looking for a custom engagement ring.I am looking for a custom piece of jewelry.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Can’t recommend Chouette Designs enough! I worked closely with Ashley on a redesign of a ring with a stone my grandma had gifted me when I was a child. After she passed, Ashley designed, crafted, and worked with me to create the perfect piece you see. Inclusive, kind, and stunning.

Arlyne, California

I worked with Ashley for a custom engagement ring. I had no idea where to start and gave her nebulous ideas like "I like cool colors" and describing our first date. She steered me in every right direction down to the antique quality gold and setting of the stone. Setting up payment and payment plans were super easy. Her communication was always prompt and I felt very involved in the process. The product is awesome, I love how it turned out, my fiancee now wears a tangible thing that was just words and ideas in an email just a few months prior; words can't describe how happy I am with it.

Val, Minnesota

I worked with Ashley to create my wedding band. My engagement ring is more intricate and I wanted something that was simple, but also complemented the geometric shapes in my engagement ring. Ashley helped me pick a design that was both in my budget and totally flattering to my style and to the engagement ring. I was a little nervous about buying a wedding band that I couldn’t try on first, but my gut told me to go for it. In the time it took for me to decide, we got a little close to the wedding date and after I placed the order, was worried it might not arrive on time. I communicated with Ashley about the time frame and she worked so hard to make sure it would be done (and shipped across the country) in time. When it arrived, it was so perfect. I couldn’t imagine wearing any other ring in its place. I am also so happy I got to support such a wonderful small business. Thank you for everything!

Leah, New York

When my fiancé purposed, he used a natural cut lab grown diamond from another company. Within a few months, the stone fell out and we could not find it. Ashley took the time to explain gems and how natural cut diamonds easily fall out due to the stone being stronger than any metal it is placed in, and the sharp edges of natural cut created a recipe for a lost stone. She had us both involved in the design process and created something even more magical than before. This time I was able to choose exactly what I wanted and feel confident that it can last a lifetime. She incorporated both our spooky personalities and now I’m grateful the first ring did not last. Ashley and Marine made sure we were both happy and within our budget, my fiancé was even able to get himself an engagement ring . His ring has a stone that has been able to stay in through a demanding security job too! The quality and care from Chouette Designs made an upsetting situation into a blessing, one that will be passed down to our future generations. Merci beaucoup!

Meagan, Nevada

My wedding earrings were a custom design from Chouette Designs. I wanted something heirloom quality and they executed my vision perfectly! 
Chelsea, Texas