• a woman with a hat and gold jewelry smiles up with her eyes closed towards the sun. The ocean waves are behind her.

    Adornment for Everyone

Introducing the Catarina Collection

Inspired by my own Italian heritage, the Catarina Collection is an homage to the Italian coast. It evokes the breezy, carefree nature of long sun drenched summer days filled with turquoise waters, and brightly colored buildings draped in white linen hanging from clotheslines. Get lost with us.

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About Chouette Designs

Pronounced “shoo-wet”, and French for “owl”, Chouette also has a double meaning. It’s a slang term for anything cool, hip, chic. Chouette Designs is size inclusive, demi-fine jewelry and adornment for everyone. Founded by Ashley Catharine after years of working in the jewelry industry, Chouette Designs is a testament to the inclusion she has always been a champion of. Chouette Designs is a women and LGBT owned brand based in San Diego, CA.

About Ashley Catharine