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Introducing the Monteverde Collection

This collection transported me back to a country I have found myself revisiting time and time again; Costa Rica. In particular, the cloud forest of Monteverde with its vibrant colors, teeming life and soothing sounds of raindrops inspired all of what you'll see in this collection. Much like the forest, we are all continually in a season of growth, destined to bloom.

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About Chouette Designs

Pronounced “shoo-wet”, and French for “owl”, Chouette also has a double meaning. It’s a slang term for anything cool, hip, chic. Chouette Designs is a size inclusive, demi-fine and custom fine jewelry line. Our handmade jewelry ignites a sense of wanderlust inspired by our travels both locally and abroad, and features responsibly sourced diamonds and colorful gemstones. Chouette Designs is a women and LGBT owned brand based in San Diego, CA.

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