About the Arcana Collection

Nov 29, 2023

I often find a meditative calmness when doing a Tarot reading or even simply shuffling through a beloved deck of Tarot cards. It was during one of these routine readings that I became inspired to create a collection of pieces that would align with the symbols that recur throughout the Major Arcana of the Tarot. 

a silver double banded ring with lab grown blue diamonds sits atop a black mirrored surface

Heavenly Bodies

The Arcana Collection was inspired by the cosmos. Celestial motifs have been used in jewelry for centuries and for good reason. The sky itself informs so many of our moods, decisions, time lines and even the physical space around us. This informed the decision to begin the collection with stars and moons in various forms.

What You'll See

a line up of crystals with tarot cards out of focus in the background

This collection features cabochon cut moonstone and round brilliant cut lab grown blue diamonds set in sterling silver and gold vermeil with sparkling diamond cut chains. Each piece sold will also come with a custom Chouette Designs tarot card- hand pulled by me with original art and interpretations so you will understand its meaning. This collection is meant to speak to the spiritualist within, and to harness one's own divine intuition. 

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