Behind the Balboa Collection

Jan 13, 2022

I have been asked frequently how I source inspiration for design. Usually it comes from travel. The far off places, art, architecture, landscape and culture all conspire to create within my mind. So how does one source inspiration when travel is not an option? 

a pond-side scene of Balboa Park with palm trees, lily pads and Spanish building facades

An Homage to San Diego

I had just moved to San Diego at the beginning of the pandemic and with things shut down, there were few places to truly explore. Balboa Park was one of them. The curved archways, the colorful Spanish style tiles and unique tropical plantings all came together to create our debut collection. I'd walk for hours through the park snapping photos of the painted concrete squares in the Spanish art village, or gazing up at the bell tower at the Museum of Us. It was a safe escape to explore and create.

concrete squares painted in rainbow colors

Creating Space

The fact that the source of inspiration also had to be physically accessible is not lost on me. Our whole brand is built on being able to access style and luxury without barriers. I do not want someone to look at our pieces and think "gosh it's so gorgeous but they don't make those for me." It is for everyone who feels inspired by it- much like the park was an accessible inspiration for me. 

I never had the conscious thought of designing "plus size jewelry", but instead, the phrase "adornment for everyone" always felt more lux to me. It says exactly what we're about- accessibility- without compromising beauty.

Founder Ashley stands in front of a doorway in Balboa Park wearing a lavender sweatshirt, jeans and Chouette Designs silver and tanzanite jewelry.

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