Behind the Monteverde Collection

May 12, 2023

When I mention Costa Rica to the lucky traveler that has been, their eyes always light up in recollection of the trip. The crystal blue waters, the vibrant tropical plants and animals everywhere you go, and the hospitality of the people stays with you long after you’ve boarded your flight home. Even the national slogan- “pura vida”, Spanish for “pure life” is a shorthand for any greeting. Want to say “hello”, “thank you”, “have a great day” or “the food is tasty”, but don’t speak Spanish? Just answer, “Pura vida.” I have explored a lot of the country over the years (even living briefly in the town of Turrialba) but Monteverde in particular, inspired our latest Summer collection.

A misty waterfall emerges from a foggy rainforest

Into the Cloud Forest

Monteverde is a region of the country known most notably for the bosque nuboso- the cloud forest. Visit any time of year and you’ll be unlikely to see clear blue skies, but instead a foggy dense haze of clouds that lies atop the forest. Everything grows wild and lush beneath its blanket. Stand still and quiet and the rainforest will chatter to life around you- the beat of rain drops, bird calls, and howler monkeys create a small symphony. The vibrant hues of bright green plants, flashes of blue morpho butterflies, and even bioluminescent glowing mushrooms turns every inch of the footpath into a living museum. I used this magical place as a jumping off point for the collection.

What You’ll See

a dark skinned hand hovering above greenery highlights a pear and marquise cut moi et toi style hammered ring in silver

In addition to the sterling silver and 14K gold vermeil already present in our collections, you’ll see pear cut Blue Zircon and marquise cut Green Amethyst set in organic hammered shapes. The icy blue/green colors mimic the cascading waters, vining leaves and steady raindrops of the forest. An adjustable toggle style bracelet, drop earrings, and moi et toi style ring in sizes 4.5-15 evoke an easygoing elegance. This collection also marks the addition of herringbone or “snake chain” necklaces, bracelets and anklets that will layer perfectly with each other, or existing jewelry.

founders Ashley and Marine standing in the middle of the rainforest

Whether the collection has you reminiscing, or inspires your trip planning, I hope it transports you to the trails of Monteverde. Pura vida.

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