Why is Plus Size Jewelry so Hard to Find?

Jul 1, 2022

The average dress size in the US is a 16/18, and only 19% of all women’s apparel retailers cater to plus sizes. But the plus size jewelry world is even worse. Of the 50,000+ jewelry retailers in the US, size inclusive jewelry brands (brands that carry up to ring size 13) make up less than 1% of the market.

 a plus size hand wearing a plus size ring shops from a table of Chouette Designs jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry, which is typically one of the most competitive industries, there are very few brands carrying more than 3 ring sizes. For a lot of our customers, we’re the first brand they’ve ever heard of that offers size inclusive jewelry! And when it comes to the luxury market, plus size demi fine jewelry and plus size fine jewelry is particularly rare.

 Ashley, the founder and designer sketches new plus size jewelry prototype.

A quick google search will show that the average women’s ring size is a 6, and the most common ring size is a 7. Problem is, these are showing ring sizes sold. How do you account for a customer you can’t serve? It’s part of why I’m so passionate about carrying plus size rings, plus size bracelets, and plus size necklaces in stock, and including diverse bodies on our website and social channels.

 Chouette Designs founder Ashley packs an order for a customer.

The retail industry claims brick and mortar shopping is dead, or that millennials are killing it (just like the diamond industry, right?), but what no one wants to admit is that the customers are already there, they’re just being ignored. We are proud to carry rings in a wide range of sizes- from 4.5-15 with half sizes in between (that's 22 sizes in total) and we don't plan on stopping there either. 

 Chouette Designs founders Ashley and Marine stand behind their booth at a pop up event with all the jewelry on display.

This is why our size inclusive jewelry brand has already resonated with so many people, and we haven’t even been around that long! We are speaking to a frustration that you or your loved one has probably experienced firsthand when it comes to plus size jewelry. Thank you for being here and supporting this dream of changing the jewelry industry for the better.

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